Belbin Professional Training

Belbin Ireland offer four carefully designed training paths for people who want to become accredited as Belbin® Professionals. These are:

    Accreditation Course

  • Belbin Team Role Professional Practitioner
  • Professional Training Path for Belbin Team Role Consultants and Coaches
  • Team Performance Coach
  • Systemic Transformation and Innovation Coaching

Accreditation Course

The Belbin Team Role Accreditation course is a certified two-day course designed for professionals who are looking to understand and implement Belbin Team Role theory within the workplace. The Accreditation course gives you depth of knowledge and an appreciation of the breadth of use of the Belbin model. Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use Belbin Team Roles for training or consultancy.

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Professional PractitionerBelbin Team Role Professional Practitioner

7 Step Modular Curriculum followed by a test at the end of the professional path to ensure that you have a good understanding of Team Roles and the ability to interpret the reports correctly.

Successful candidates will be able to use the Belbin Accreditation Logo to promote themselves or their organisation as officially Belbin Accredited (subject to T&Cs) and will be issued with two certificates:

  • Belbin Professional Practitioner
  • Belbin Team Role Theory Accreditation international certificate.

More information about the Belbin Team Role Professional Practitioner course


Professional PathProfessional Training Path for Belbin Team Role Consultants and Coaches

We offer a progressive path of training for professionals who want to apply Belbin Team Roles in a consulting, training or coaching role within teams and organisations. It is also suitable for those who wish to teach Belbin as part of an educational curriculum.

Our professional path includes and builds on the global 2-day accreditation theory training as prescribed by Belbin, to provide the much needed support and mentoring for applying Team Role theory in practice and developing confidence in teaching and facilitating team interventions and learning events which help participants to discuss and reflect on their experience.

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Team intervention journeyTeam Performance Coach

Once qualified as a Belbin Professional Practitioner, you will be inspired to start facilitating more ambitious interventions where Belbin and team performance theory are built into a coaching programme.

Our Team Performance Coach training programme comprises 6 days of coach training + project application over 6 months, if you are already a certified professional coach,. This rises to 12 months, if you do not have previous coach training (as recognised by International Coach Federation, European Coaching and Mentoring Council or Association for Coaching, or other recognised professional coaching association).

More information about the Team Performance Coach course

Systemic Transformation and Innovation Coaching

This is a strategic programme aimed at senior organisation development, project and business managers who want to know how to lead people strategically through projects and culture change that call for an upgrade in mindsets, leadership and transformation approaches. Its unique strength is its depth and attention to real transformation in teams and developing the ability to work with “VUCA” (velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) .

More information about the Systemic Transformation and Innovation Coaching

Other Belbin Training Courses:

Team Building Workshops

We facilitate sessions with teams at all levels, from boards of directors to new recruits. Workshops use experiential learning to increase participants’ understanding of themselves and their colleagues, helping to resolve conflict in the work environment and focusing the team on achieving its objectives more effectively.

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‘How to…’ Sessions

Perfect for: forward-thinking managers and Learning and Development/HR professionals who have responsibility for business performance and who are looking to enhance the way they manage people/help others manage. A one-day practical session that is a good starting point if you are thinking about using the Belbin reports.

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