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  • Belbin® Self Perception Inventory (SPI)Belbin® Self Perception Inventory (SPI) shows how an individual feels and how an individual behaves in a team. This 4 page report includes a Self-Perception Team-Role Profile, Counselling Report, Character Profile and overview of Personal Work Style.

    Can be used by individuals or by consultants, trainers, facilitators and team leaders.
Suitable for individual or multiple reports and provides access to the full range of personal, team and job reports.

  • Individual Belbin® Team Role Profile (full 360) 

    The Individual Belbin Team Role Profile includes Belbin Observer Assessment (OA) which gives 360-degree feedback on a person’s Team Roles. The OA should be completed by those who work or have worked recently with the person they are asked to assess. For a full report, a minimum of four Observers is required, but six is preferable. Ideally, a set of observers should be chosen from among colleagues, reports and managers who are familiar with the individual’s behaviour and know the individual well in a work environment. The OA is designed to inform and broaden the Self-Perception profile and should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

  • BELBIN Team / Group Reports 

    Finding out how individuals prefer to behave in the workplace is the first step. But very few of us work in isolation. Discovering how those we work with see and value our behaviour is next.This involves preparation of a Team Role Combination report for groups of 3 to 15 named people for whom we hold individual profiles. This 12-page team report shows the overall team strengths and weaknesses.

  • Belbin® Job Match Report 

    When recruiting for a vacant position this report will help match the behavioural strengths of candidates against the job requirements to identify the most suitable person for the role. When used as part of a professional recruitment and selection process, Belbin Job Match report help improve the quality of candidate selection.

Belbin® Team Role Accreditation

Belbin® Team Role Accreditation workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills on how to use the Belbin model to improve individual, team, and organisational performance and to align your team coaching goals to support organisational aims and objectives.

This 2 day course includes a half-day team working experiential coaching exercise, a 360 Belbin Team Role Individual report and a certification exam after which you will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin to place proudly on your wall!

“This programme has provided a platform to enable learning and development for myself as an Organisational Development practitioner and also to enable and support learning for others. I have used this tool with many teams and leaders and find the learning from the accreditation invaluable in terms of the theory and practice.”
Kay Joyce, HR Learning and Development Partner, Pfizer, Cork

Belbin® Professional Practitioner

Our Belbin® Professional Practitioner programme can help you maximise your knowledge of the Belbin® theory and how to APPLY it in your organisation. It’s a lot more than one profile and nine team roles, it is a way forward in career development and succession planning, effective team and project management and overall organisational effectiveness!

We have 7 modules on:

  • Designing interventions for teams
  • Learning and practising facilitation and presentation skills (train the trainer competencies)
  • Coaching using Belbin® and how to structure and give effective team and individual feedback on Belbin® profiles
  • Recruitment and retention – how to select the right people for your team and use Belbin® in career development
  • Administering the Belbin® E-Interplace reports and in-depth analysis of the Belbin® reports for a variety of situations
  • We help you design and deliver your team projects, diagnosing team performance issues and interventions
  • Finally, a project review module to review your project practice, bring the learning together and improve on producing real, practical results for your organisation

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