Belbin Webinar Series – What Can Belbin really deliver?

Turning Belbin Theory into Practice.

A webinar with John O’Boyle- Belbin Ireland and Kay Joyce- Moving Forward Group

This event is now over.

BELBINUK - PL PeteMost of you know of Belbin Team Roles and your own behavioural preferences. But, finding out how individuals prefer to behave in the workplace is the first step and in this webinar, John O’Boyle starts to look in greater depth at how teams really work and why they don’t. Secondly, we ask a recent user Kay Joyce, to outline how she implemented it, in practical terms in a real life situation.

Ok, assume you know yourself and your top roles, that’s great, is it not? Well yes, but very few of us work in isolation. Discovering how those we work with see and value our behaviour is next. The workplace tends to comprise of teams which are put together depending on job function – i.e. the ‘Marketing Team’, or depending on the work that needs to be done – sometimes called ‘Project Teams’.

There is much debate on what ‘makes a team’. But what are the key factors? Research and experience have shown that size and selection are critical. If there are too many people in a team then roles and behaviours start to overlap causing problems. Too large a team can lead to conformism and focus on a single leader. A smaller team ensures that each voice and contribution is heard and valued.

A team should be put together for a specific purpose. Each team member should be chosen to ensure that the correct balance of skill and behaviour is achieved. Meredith Belbin’s original research culminated in his team being able to predict a team’s performance based solely on each individuals behavioural contribution. The most successful teams comprised a balance of Team Role behaviour and we’ll look at this in depth.

So how can this be delivered in practice and what are the pitfalls of doing so and this is where Kay s experience is crucial on how to do this and why even the most experienced leadership professional should consider the Belbin Practitioner Course and the career opportunities it presents for independent coaches and the practical help it offers to those seeking to use Belbin in house for their teams.

Join us on January 13th at 12 noon, to hear practical advice that you can implement at once for immediate results and how Belbin Ireland can help.