Belbin Webinar Series – Recruitment and Belbin Profiles

Suitability and Eligibility.

Date: 4/12/14 at 12pm GMT

This webinar has already taken place, please view the recording on YouTube:


So you need to hire someone or recruitment is your business. Chances are you will put emphasis on eligibility- years of experience, industry contacts, and much more but are they suitable for you.

Someone may have the experience you are looking for, but how will he or she fit in with the existing team? Whilst you can’t account for personal differences or “personality clashes”, you can use a Belbin Team/Group Report to help assess whether an individual will be providing a much-needed gap-filling contribution or whether their Team Role preferences could cause conflict with other team members.

By completing a Team Role inventory of colleagues and examining what is missing, a job specification can be drawn up of the general shape of the candidate the firm would like to recruit. The interview now becomes directed towards the key question that the selectors with be posing to themselves: how far does the candidate match the personal specification?

Even if the candidate fits well in the team, staff turnover can only be reduced by matching people to jobs. The Belbin Job Reports allow you to specify the attributes you require in a particular job. These can then be used within HR for recruitment and discussion or presented to the candidate at interview. The information can also be used in the creation of a job ‘advertisement’ or description.

Research into the level of compatibility between the demands of work and the job-holder has resulted in the development of a Job Requirements Inventory . The inputs are processed to form a set of Job Reports including the Job Specification Report (for the ‘recruiter’ or manager) and a Job Expectations Report (for the applicant or jobholder). A compatibility report comparing the Team Roles required for the job with a candidate’s Team Role composition can then be generated. This is the Suitability for Job Report – it comments on overall behavioural suitability for the position, looking at both required behaviours and those which are seen to detract from the job.


Behaviour and how it contributes to performance is crucial and a Webinar on December 4th 2014 at 12 noon took us through how Belbin can help you determine suitability. Hosted by John O’ Boyle of Belbin Ireland dealt with how Irish recruiters can give themselves an edge.