Effective Teamwork – Belbin Webinar Series

This Webinar has already finished – you can watch it here:

Make the most of your team through Effective Teamwork

The greatest untapped potential for savings and increased effectiveness is ignored in four out of five organisations today. Those saving lies in strategic & effective teamwork, yet very few organisations really understand the science of teamwork. Moving from a group of individuals to a high performing team is a process and a journey. A clear framework and the help of an external coach can make a significant difference.

Sometimes, performance enhancement starts with a depth understanding not just of people and their roles, but also their tendency to behave, contribute and inter relate in a certain way. BELBIN Team Roles, now powered in Ireland by a dedicated BELBIN team, can help you transform the power of teamwork in your organisation and deliver significant rewards for the individuals concerned, your team and your business.

A webinar is presented by Bernard Chanliau and John O’Boyle at BELBIN Ireland  will help you to understand how teamwork makes a difference to the bottom line and diagnose the problems that you are trying to solve, by asking the right questions about how you work. Join us to discover more about this framework and our team coaching process, including questions about building a balanced team, allowable weaknesses and much more.

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