Exercises & Materials

To help you facilitate the feedback of the Belbin Team Role Reports we have developed a range of materials that can help. Be it an exercise, DVD or book, we hope that we can offer something that will fit most budgets and needs.

Belbin Game & Exercises

BELBINUK - SP JoAssembling an effective team can be one of the greatest challenges facing an organisation. Permanent teams might work together for years; project teams might be set up for short periods of time for specific purposes. Whether the team is newly-formed or weather-beaten, working together can become problematic. Frequently, members of the team find difficulties in accepting, adjusting to, and communicating with, each other.

Understanding Belbin Team Role behaviour is only the first step in creating a high performing team. Sharing that understanding with others, in a non-confrontational situation/exercise, is the next step. Our games and exercises provide the vehicle for this to happen.

Contribute – great if you want:

  • To apply Belbin Team Roles in a practical setting
  • To consolidate your team’s understanding of their Team Role strengths
  • To see the team managing their time and resources
  • To obtain points for discussion and feedback on individual contributions to the team


Co-operate – ideal if you want:

  • An icebreaker for a new team
  • To repair relations in a team
  • To observe the team under pressure
  • Active demonstrations of individuals making sacrifices on behalf of the team


The Team Role Alignment Exercise can be used to:

  • Build on and enhance their own working relationships
  • Ensure that all members of the team are highly productive
  • Raise awareness of how to manage difficult Team Role chemistry
  • Help develop strategies for using Belbin Team Role techniques in the workplace
  • Improve self-awareness and development

Team Role Alignment

Belbin Films & DVDs

The Belbin films are a great way of introducing people to Team Roles. Each of the films uses humour so that the learning is enjoyable and fun. All of the films listed below can be purchased either as a physical DVD with supporting material, or as part of VideoArts Digital Content Library.

Fire, Toast and Teamwork

  • The latest DVD from Belbin
  • Explains Belbin Team Role theory
  • Introduces the 9 Team Roles using animation
  • Culminates in a Case Study
  • Contains useful extras
  • Accompanied with a facilitators guide and slides

Fire, Toast and Teamwork

Building the Perfect Team

  • Released in 1991 with VideoArts, this was the first film to demonstrate the 9 Belbin Team Roles.
  • Available to rent on DVD and streamed as part of the VideoArts Digital Content Library.

Selecting the Perfect Team

  • Released in 1993 with VideoArts. This film introduces the viewer to the concepts of Suitability and Eligibility.
  • Available to rent on DVD and streamed as part of the VideoArts Digital Content Library.

Belbin Books

BELBINUK - SH DeborahThere are many books available to compliment your understanding and practical application of Belbin Team Roles. The most iconic is Meredith Belbin’s first publication, Management Teams, now available in it’s 3rd edition. The latest book to be published by Belbin is The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work – a great title full of advice for making it up the career ladder.

Management Teams – Why They Succeed or Fail

  • Required reading for managers concerned with achieving the best results from those who report to them.
  • One of the most widely-read, imaginative and influential books on this vital area of management research.
  • Cited by the Financial Times as one of the top 50 business books of all time.

Team Roles at Work

  • Offers managers a practical guide to improving their teams within the workplace.
  • Helps managers to to deliver significantly better results for their company, whilst also saving them time and energy, by using each team member to their best advantage to achieve overall team goal.

The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work:

  • Makes the perfect accompaniment to any team building or self-development course.
  • An easy-to-read introduction to the Team Roles.
  • Practical help on how to use the theory.

Other Belbin Titles