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Belbin Team Role Accreditation

2-days Belbin Team Role Accreditation workshop inclusive of certification exam, half-day team working experiential coaching exercise and 360 Belbin Team Role Individual report. Open public workshop, part of our Systemic Team Coaching Certificate (Module 2 - International Cohort November intake) and can be booked as a standalone.

The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to use the latest Belbin methodology to bring about tangible improvements in individual, teamwork and organisational performance.

One time early-bird offer for those who are not yet accredited:

Book both the Belbin® Accredited and Belbin® Professional Practitioner courses together to get 30% off the combined fee. Total cost: €3345 - 30% = €2340

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6th and 7th October 2016Ireland€1,350

Effective Team Work: Become A Belbin Accredited Consultant

Learn how to improve and recognise your team's 'personality' and enhance your Team Working culture. This 2 day course goes way beyond ensuring users of the Belbin profiling model and Interplace system are fully competent and achieve the required standards to become Belbin accredited.

It provides participants with the knowledge and skills on how to use the Belbin model to improve individual, team, and organisational performance and to align your team coaching goals to support organisational aims and objectives.

Have a certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin to place proudly on your wall!

Have a certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin to place proudly on your wall!

Dr Meredith Belbin defines a Team Role as "Our tendency to behave, contribute, and interrelate with others in a particular way."
The extent to which team role profiling correlates with team performance was demonstrated using predictive validity by Prof. Meredith Belbin and his associates over a span of 15 years of empirical research - it showed that a balanced team - one with the greatest chance to develop fully effective working arrangements - would contain a balance of Team Roles.

This is a rare opportunity to join a public course for official accreditation in the Belbin Team Role methodology - and currently the only opportunity in Ireland. Need more information on the content of this course? Order our *FREE four-page summary on the Belbin team roles methodology.

*Please provide company and contact details

Email John O'Boyle for more information.

Accreditation course limited to 14 delegates, please book your place now (deposit registration €150)!!

"In all my years working in HR I had heard of Belbin a few times but had not bothered to find out more. Both Barrie and yourself (Bernard Chanliau) delivered what I can only describe as one of the most participative and enjoyable courses I have ever been on. I truly believe that you have turned me into a Belbin Disciple and I look forward to doing some tests with the management team. Thank you for a wonderful experience. " Jim Dolan - Human Resources Director, ISS Ireland

"Fascinating insight into the different ways individuals can contribute to team success" David O'Brien,  Business Coach at Electricity Supply Board (ESB)

"This programme has provided a platform to enable learning and development for myself as an and Organisational Development practitioner and also to enable and support learning for others.  I have used this tool with many teams and leaders and find the learning from the accreditation invaluable in terms of the theory and practice.  Thanks to Bernard and team for the enlightening learning experience." Kay Joyce, HR Learning and Development Partner, Pfizer, Cork

In answer to the question, "Which part of the course did you find the most interesting" delegates responded in November 2011 (Dublin Ryan Academy):

  • "Viewing the reports and changing dynamics of team reports"
  •  "The team working exercise on the last day - putting it all into action and reviewing the learning"
  • "Team activity experiential learning exercise at the end of the 2 days"
  • "Learning about the team roles exercises (interesting and challenging)"
  • "Team interaction and "exercises"

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Price: €150.00

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Belbin Professional Practitioner (Post Accreditation)

Are you Belbin® accredited? Our Belbin® Professional Practitioner programme can help you maximise your knowledge of the Belbin® theory you have learned from your Belbin Team Role Accreditation and how to APPLY it in your organisation. It’s a lot more than one profile and nine team roles; it is a way forward in career development and succession planning, effective team and project management and overall organisational effectiveness!

Next Start DatePrice
Contact us for dates€1,995*

One time early-bird offer for those who are not yet accredited:

Book both the Belbin® Accredited and Belbin® Professional Practitioner courses together to get 30% off the combined fee. Total cost: €3345 - 30% = €2340

Step 1 – Belbin Team Roles Theory Accreditation

  • 2-days  training inclusive of Belbin test Accreditation
  • The theory, including the original work carried out by Dr. Meredith Belbin and his team at Henley Management College.
  • The Nine Belbin Team Roles. The strengths and allowable/non-allowable weaknesses of each Team Role are explored in detail, along with combinations of Team Roles (after all, we rarely have a preference for just one type of behaviour).
  • Overview of  practical use of Belbin Team Roles. This includes analysis of the reports, and ways in which you can use them in numerous situations, including team building, coaching or conflict management.
  • The full scope of using Belbin Team Roles. This explores the benefits of 360°feedback, team dynamics and job analysis.

Step 2 – Designing and Facilitating Team Role Interventions

  • 2.5 days – This is normally delivered on a face to face basis)
  • Defining and managing the team intervention
  • Contracting for expectations, responsibilities and outcomes with stakeholders
  • Designing and facilitating a range of experiential exercises, including diagnosis phase and official BELBIN games
  • Teaching and facilitating self awareness and personal development
  • Principles of facilitating change and improving common dysfunctions in teams
  • Project design, mentoring and implementation
  • Developing a team charter and team development plan
  • Measuring outcomes, evaluation phase

Step 3 – Developmental Coaching using Belbin Team Roles (online)

This is normally delivered on a face to face basis.

  • How to administer and give Team Role profile feedback to individuals and teams in a professional manner
  • Developing core coaching skills for helping people develop their Team Role profile
  • Designing, planning and conducting 1-1 coaching sessions within Team Role interventions
  • Using Team Roles in career development
  • Core coaching skills practice
  • Report reading practice

Step 4 – Recruitment and Team Selection using Belbin Team Roles

  • Online master class – 3 hours
  • Designing a selection process and/or assessment centre using Belbin Team Roles
  • Managing and coaching others on using the process
  • Design clinic – practical case mentoring with participants

Step 5 – Using e-Interplace

  • Online master class – 2 hours
  • Overview of all reports and functionality of e-Interplace
  • User guidance
  • Administering and managing the online questionnaire process – preventing common pitfalls
  • Personalising your accountdering profiles and reports

Step 6 and 7 – Project Development and Review

Having completed the full overview training, you will design and implement your own Belbin Team intervention with a team of your choice, applying what you have learned with assistance from Belbin mentors.  The outcomes and experience of the intervention is then reviewed on a final presentation day with your course participant peers and mentors, providing you with additional valuable insight and reflection on developing your practice.  The review day is a huge bonus in seeing Belbin’s application in a variety of situations and developing confidence as a practitioner through sharing your practice with other professionals.

Accreditation Test

There is a test at the end of the professional path to ensure that you have a good understanding of Team Roles and the ability to interpret the reports correctly. It is a written test and takes about 40 minutes to complete.

On successful completion of the programme you will:

Belbin Accredited

Accreditation Logo

Be able to use the Accreditation Logo to promote yourself or your organisation as officially Belbin Accredited (subject to T&Cs).



Be issued with two certificates– Belbin Professional Practitioner and Belbin Team Role Theory Accreditation international certificate.


Testimonial from Kieran Murphy, a past graduate of the BPP programme:

I had my first outing with Belbin on Monday and wanted to say thanks for the training last week and to acknowledge that Belbin worked really well with the team.

I was nervous that I had not left enough time for it as I only had 90 minutes and beginning to regret that Id suggested it to the team in the first place.

I need not have worried. It worked really well. It gave them powerful insights into how they work as a team with each other and how they work with other teams in the organisation. Three of the four have shaper in their top three roles so there lots of energy, drive and conviction. They are weak on the coordinator, implementer and completer finisher. One of their insights was that they come up with great ideas, present them to other functions to implement and then get frustrated because they take so long. Plodders was the word used to describe one of the other teams!

I am now exploring some further work with them to go further with Belbin.

Thanks for your training and support.

Kieran Murphy - Wholestory

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