Belbin Team Role Accreditation

2-days Belbin Team Role Accreditation workshop inclusive of certification exam, half-day team working experiential coaching exercise and 360 Belbin Team Role Individual report. Open public workshop, part of our Systemic Team Coaching Certificate (Module 2 - International Cohort November intake) and can be booked as a standalone.

The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to use the latest Belbin methodology to bring about tangible improvements in individual, teamwork and organisational performance.

We are also offering 1:1 Belbin Accreditation Training online.  This is a modular course covering three half-day sessions.  Each module has been developed for online delivery yet remains trainer led. It means we can fit the course around you.

Effective Team Work: Become A Belbin Accredited Consultant

Learn how to improve and recognise your team's 'personality' and enhance your Team Working culture. This Belbin Accrediation Course goes way beyond ensuring users of the Belbin profiling model and Interplace system are fully competent and achieve the required standards to become Belbin accredited.

It provides participants with the knowledge and skills on how to use the Belbin model to improve individual, team, and organisational performance and to align your team coaching goals to support organisational aims and objectives.

Have a certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin to place proudly on your wall!

Have a certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin to place proudly on your wall!

Dr Meredith Belbin defines a Team Role as "Our tendency to behave, contribute, and interrelate with others in a particular way."
The extent to which team role profiling correlates with team performance was demonstrated using predictive validity by Prof. Meredith Belbin and his associates over a span of 15 years of empirical research - it showed that a balanced team - one with the greatest chance to develop fully effective working arrangements - would contain a balance of Team Roles.

This is a rare opportunity to join a public course for official accreditation in the Belbin Team Role methodology - and currently the only opportunity in Ireland. Need more information on the content of this course? Order our *FREE four-page summary on the Belbin team roles methodology.

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Each accreditation course limited to 14 delegates.

"In all my years working in HR I had heard of Belbin a few times but had not bothered to find out more. Both Barrie and yourself (Bernard Chanliau) delivered what I can only describe as one of the most participative and enjoyable courses I have ever been on. I truly believe that you have turned me into a Belbin Disciple and I look forward to doing some tests with the management team. Thank you for a wonderful experience. " Jim Dolan - Human Resources Director, ISS Ireland

"Fascinating insight into the different ways individuals can contribute to team success" David O'Brien,  Business Coach at Electricity Supply Board (ESB)

"This programme has provided a platform to enable learning and development for myself as an and Organisational Development practitioner and also to enable and support learning for others.  I have used this tool with many teams and leaders and find the learning from the accreditation invaluable in terms of the theory and practice.  Thanks to Bernard and team for the enlightening learning experience." Kay Joyce, HR Learning and Development Partner, Pfizer, Cork

In answer to the question, "Which part of the course did you find the most interesting" delegates responded in November 2011 (Dublin Ryan Academy):

  • "Viewing the reports and changing dynamics of team reports"
  •  "The team working exercise on the last day - putting it all into action and reviewing the learning"
  • "Team activity experiential learning exercise at the end of the 2 days"
  • "Learning about the team roles exercises (interesting and challenging)"
  • "Team interaction and "exercises"

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Price: €1,350.00

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