Professional Training Path for Belbin Team Role Consultants and Coaches

We start by offering a progressive path of training for professionals who want to apply Belbin Team Roles in a consulting, training or coaching role within teams and working environments of organisations. It is also suitable for those who wish to teach Belbin as part of an educational curriculum through our accreditation process.

Accreditation Course

Our professional path begins and builds on the global 2-day accreditation theory training as prescribed by BELBIN, to provide the much needed support and mentoring for applying Team Role theory in practice and developing confidence in teaching and facilitating team interventions and learning events which help participants to discuss and reflect on their experience. This is suitable to all who wish to improve teamwork and efficiency in a workplace, or those interested in your own, individual continuous development.

Next Course DateLocationPrice
6th and 7th October 2016Ireland€1,350

Belbin Team Role Professional Practitioner

Starting off with the accreditation process, the Belbin Professional Practitioner training is a 7 day course, taking place over a period of 4 to 7 months, depending on the clients’ availability. For those who have already completed the 2 day accreditation process, this is an upgrade course giving a deeper understanding of facilitation of change, trends in team performance and people management. It is a level 7 (NFQ) equivalent and is accredited by Belbin International Associates. Please see description of the framework for Belbin Professional Practitioner below.

Next Start DatePrice
Contact us for dates€1,995*

Team Performance Coach

Consultants and Coaches have also the option to do the Team Performance Coach training where they learn to facilitate 6 month team performance coaching interventions, focusing on individual and team habit changes while following the team as they develop their practice. This training option can also be undertaken by those wishing to train as a coach; however, it will take longer due to the complexity of skill that needs to be taught. Please see framework below:

Team intervention journey

Systemic Transformation and Innovation Coaching

For those who want to lead strategic culture change through teams, we offer Systemic Transformation and Innovation Coaching, a cutting edge programme for organisation development professionals and senior managers who want to work strategically with coaching and upgrading leadership teams to manage complexity, product/service innovation, culture and leadership transformation and global organisation development. This action blended learning programme, spanning 12 months, is offered in conjunction with Xenergie International and is an accredited CCEU programme with the International Coach Federation and is recognised by the Association for Coaching.



Upgrade schemes are available from one stage to another. For example, an existing Belbin Accredited coach can choose to upgrade from Accreditation to Practitioner and receive credit for this.

Why follow the professional path?

  • You will discover the real Belbin – it’s more than just nine Team Roles, and it is definitely NOT about putting labels on people or just profiling
  • You will begin to use and understand the Belbin language that has helped individuals and teams to communicate and work together with greater understanding for over 30 years.
  • Our trainers will share practical ideas on how to use the Belbin Team Role reports, and design interventions enabling you to plan workshops, training courses and coaching sessions.
  • You will be able to field questions from the more demanding course delegate with confidence
  • You will develop your coaching skills and your own value as a developmental facilitator or consultant – becoming a masterful consultant is a personal learning journey, not a training event
  • You will be able to work more strategically in making a difference and enabling greater effectiveness and performance, and developing a greater sense of how teamwork is pivotal for real transformation and complex problem solving
  • You will have full back-up from the Belbin office, so before giving feedback or running a course/workshop, you can get our comments and suggestions.
  • You will become au fait with the admin back office Interplace 7 and how to implement same
  • You will have access to the ‘Accredited practitioners only’ section of our website which contains presentations/exercises/handouts and other resources for you to use when using Belbin.

Download and read how an L&D Consultant used her Belbin Team Role Accreditation to successfully gain the confidence of a sceptical Marketing Manager:

The Benefits of Becoming Belbin Team Role Accredited.