Knowing the 9 different Team Roles is one thing, but to understand which roles you prefer to play, can manage to play for a while, or need to delegate, you need to complete a Belbin® Self-Perception Inventory. This is completed on-line, and the report that you receive is fully normed, contains advice, and can be used to help you become more effective at work!

On completion of the Self-Perception Inventory (SPI), a 6-page report is produced, based on an individual’s perception of their behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.


This report is based on how an individual sees their behaviour within the workplace. However, the characteristics identified may not be the behaviour that others pinpoint or value. If you want to use the Belbin reports to maximise an individuals input in the workplace, and to help them to build successful working relationships with their colleagues and managers, it is invaluable to get additional feedback.

We call this feedback Observer Assessment and it is something we believe is essential when looking to improve an individuals contribution in the workplace.

Observer Assessments

Observer Assessments are Belbin’s method for obtaining 360-degree feedback. This process entails approaching managers, colleagues and those who are managed by the individual (where applicable) and asking them to complete a short assessment. The Observer Assessment takes 5-10 minutes to complete and consists of two ticklists of adjectives. The observers tick the adjectives if they feel that they strongly apply to the individual.

A minimum of 4 Observers assessments are required to produce the full report. We recommend 6.

It may not be appropriate to ask for Observer Assessments straight away – perhaps an individual is new to the team, or you may want them to get used to the Belbin language via their Self-Perception report first.

The option to add the Observers Assessment remains active for 2 years, so it is up to you when they are utilised.

For further information regarding Observer Assessments, please click here.

Extra pages when Observer Assessments are added