Team Building Workshops

The purpose of a Team-building Workshop is to increase communication and effectiveness within the team or group so that it achieves its objectives. Belbin Team Roles gives a framework and a common language from which to explore and increase understanding of collective strengths and how to use these to best effect. Beyond that it would be hard to generalise because two such events rarely are the same.

We facilitate workshops to address our clients’ specific issues and questions. These have included:

  • We are a new team and we are expected to perform immediately – how can we do this when we hardly know each other?
  • Our company has recently been part of a merger, and we now have a team which is divided in to 2 camps – how can we start functioning as one?
  • We’ve worked together for ages, but the business direction has changed and we are expected to work differently.
  • I was brought in recently as CEO and I have a vision of where the organisation should be heading. My board members seem to resent this but we all need to be moving in the same direction.
  • Productivity has gone down, and morale is also beginning to dip. I think there may be issues between 2 or 3 team members, but I’m not sure how to raise the issue – can you help?

How can a Belbin Team Workshop help?

Workshops are designed to help a team increase its effectiveness and plan for the future. We provide experiential learning which enables the team and its individual members to maximise strengths and contain weaknesses. This improves mutual understanding and enhances communication. It is important to identify each person’s contribution and to consider the team’s profile against it’s short and long-term goals.

Who would benefit from a Belbin workshop?

  • An existing team which needs to re-focus for a new challenge or strategy
  • A new team which is not yet a cohesive unit
  • A team in the aftermath of major change/re-organisation
  • A problematic team, where conflicts are getting in the way of effectiveness
  • An international project team whose members only meet occasionally
  • A high performing team which wants to achieve even greater success!

To find out more about the workshops or to book one, please contact or call our office on 091 638 769