Belbin Ireland run free Webinars at least once a month. Please contact us if you wish to receive invitations to attend. We record all our webinars and will put them here after they finish.

Introduction to Belbin

There are 9 Belbin Team Roles which are used to identify the behaviour styles that each of us bring to the workplace. This means that wherever people are involved within an organisation, Belbin can provide the language to ensure that individuals and teams communicate and work together with greater understanding and thus underpin effective action in a range of performance development and improvement situations.

This webinar is part of our Belbin Webinar series and focuses on Team Coaching and the Belbin Professional Path for potential candidates on our Systemic Team Coaching certificate accredited by the ICF.

Teamwork in Customer Service

Our guest presenter for this webinar is Charlie Boyle of Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CSEI). Customer service is an important factor in every sector and in every size of business. CSEI is a continuous improvement programme which is based upon the four pillars of:

  • Awareness
  • Measurement
  • Training
  • Recognition

 What Can Belbin really deliver?

Turning Belbin Theory into Practice

Most of you know of Belbin Team Roles and your own behavioural preferences. But, finding out how individuals prefer to behave in the workplace is the first step and in this webinar, John O’Boyle starts to look at greater depth at how teams really work and why they don’t. Secondly, we ask a recent user Kay Joyce, to outline how she implemented it, in practical terms in a real life situation.

Recruitment and Belbin Profiles

So you need to hire someone or recruitment is your business. Chances are you will put emphasis on eligibility- years of experience, industry contacts, and much more but are they suitable for you?

Someone may have the experience you are looking for, but how will he or she fit in with the existing team? Whilst you can’t account for personal differences or “personality clashes”, you can use a Belbin Team/Group Report to help assess whether an individual will be providing a much-needed gap-filling contribution or whether their Team Role preferences could cause conflict with other team members.

Effective Teamwork and Why Team Roles Can Help

This Webinar will help you to understand how teamwork makes a difference to the bottom line and diagnose the problems that you are trying to solve, by asking the right questions about how you work. Join us to discover more about this framework and our team coaching process, including questions about building a balanced team, allowable weaknesses and much more.