Belbin Team/Group Reports

Finding out how individuals prefer to behave in the workplace is the first step. But very few of us work in isolation. Discovering how those we work with see and value our behaviour is next. The workplace tends to comprise of teams which are put together depending on job function – ie the ‘Marketing Team’, or depending on the work that needs to be done – sometimes called ‘Project Teams’.

BELBINUK - RI JillWhat constitutes a Team?

There is much debate on what ‘makes a team’. But what are the key factors? Meredith Belbin’s research and experience have shown that size and selection are critical.

If there are too many people in a team then roles and behaviours start to overlap causing problems. Too large a team can lead to conformism and focus on a single leader. A smaller team ensures that each voice and contribution is heard and valued.

A team should be put together for a specific purpose. Each team member should be chosen to ensure that the correct balance of skill and behaviour is achieved.

Meredith Belbin’s original research culminated in his team being able to predict a team’s performance based solely on each individuals behavioural contribution. The most successful teams comprised a balance of Team Role behaviour.

Belbin Team/Group Reports

To understand the Team Role composition of a team, we would recommend using a Belbin Team/Group Report. Once the individuals have completed their Self-Perception Inventory and Observer Assessments, we can take all the data and produce the following report:


Please take time to read through these report pages and decide which elements you think would be most appropriate for the team. Please be aware that some individuals may feature more prominently in the report than others do, and that sensitive issues may arise.

Working Relationship Reports

These reports are invaluable when looking at how individuals work together.


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