BELBIN Team / Group Reports

Preparation of Team Role Combination report for groups of 3 to 15 named people for whom we hold individual profiles. This 12-page team report shows the overall team strengths and weaknesses:

BELBIN®Team Profile includes (12 pages): Team Role Averages, Strong Examples of Type, Organisational Report, Team Role summary, Team list of observer responses, Team Contributions, Team Role Circle, ...etc

Click here to view a sample Team Report.

Price €110 + VAT


Pricing Options

€200 per hour assessment and feedback session face to face

€180 per hour online via Skype


For Profiles and Lives.

Belbin Profiles in Ireland are cheaper from official supplier than any other source, so why pay more.?
For orders of 25 profiles or more, discounts apply, please contact us.

Terms of payment

The terms are payment on purchase, Paypal online or via phone/credit card . Once these payments are cleared, the lives will be issued.

If you wish to be invoiced, an administration charge of 5% will apply on all orders, and payment must be made within 30 days.


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Price: €135.30

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