Systemic Transformation and Innovation Coaching


BELBINUK - PL PeteThis is a strategic programme aimed at senior organisation development, project and business managers who want to know how to lead people strategically through projects and culture change that call for an upgrade in mindsets, leadership and transformation approaches.   Its unique strength is its depth and attention to real transformation in teams and developing the ability to work with “VUCA” (velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) .

The programme provides a “container” for development in innovation and organisational culture transformation leadership through teamwork and upgrading leadership skills, underpinned with systems thinking.   The programme also develops change agency and influencing skills within participants and effects outcomes through action discovery techniques, where participants learn as they apply and test new approaches.

Philosophy behind the programme

Systemic Transformation and Innovation Coaching through Teams draws significantly on new models of leadership development that recognise that change is not a linear process – it is a journey of many connecting parts where the skill lies in questing, reading and working with the parts (mindsets, working structures, habits, motivations, business needs) and provoking reflection, conversations and actions to bring about the next steps of changes at multiple levels of existence and awareness.

Personal growth and consciousness development are vital to the success of the coach, and the ability to manage oneself and others through periods of great uncertainty and challenge.   It is anticipated that each person will interpret and find their own practice level within the programme, suited to their likely sphere of interaction and integrated with their own previous experience.   Depth is developed as participants continue to study their own experiences, question their understandings and develop new insights fuelling increasing confidence in their quest.


For the organisation, the programme elicits significant performance improvements in a relatively short space of time, as well as revealing key insights for long term strategic improvements.

The overriding benefit of this programme is that it is sustainable – it develops participants to lead and coach others, thereby upgrading and up-skilling the cultural capacity of organisations and communities to respond more effectively to today’s challenging questions.

Who is this programme suitable for?

  • Internal coaches and project leaders who wish to improve the performance of their teams and integrate team coaching within organisational change initiatives.
  • Qualified coaches/ experienced consultants seeking to develop and expand their team coaching competence.
  • Senior managers who wish to upgrade their leadership skills and understanding of facilitative and transformational leadership

Learning objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the theory and practice of systemic team coaching and bring about step change improvements as a result.
  • Apply and develop team coaching in your own context, using systems thinking and integral theory.
  • Develop your skills and competence to be an excellent team coach.
  • Gain deep personal understanding of yourself in your roles as a team member and coach.
  • Work systemically, considering how inter-connectedness and fractals within organisational systems affect outcomes.
  • Bring about change and transformation inside organisations.

As with the move from Accreditation to Professional Practitioner and Team Coach, there will be ample opportunity for potential and existing coaches to upgrade their skills wherever they currently are.

Many of these courses are also suitable to get Accredited, and we are in the process of doing so.

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